“Resolve” flew out the window !!

Today, a “Frantz” cousin contacted me (via email), and very obviously I had to document his family in my Ancestry.com database (for his benefit and mine). Silly as this may sound, I’m like a happy puppy wagging its tail with delight when given special attention. A “Frantz” cousin is especially nice because I’m often documenting cousins with a different surname. So this message is dedicated to David M. Frantzwith “sincere thanks.”

That’s eleven PM and I haven’t been able to walk away from the computer. While documenting… I came across a story I wrote more than two years ago and it includes “cousin’s” ancestors. Very obviously, I wanted to send him a copy of the story. As I reviewed the story I had to admit that “I sound like a broken record.”  (Of course the younger generation has no idea what “sounds like a broken record”  means.) Here’s the link to the story in an earlier blog message.

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