A challenging research project

The following “story” was unplanned but written and attached to a “cousin” in my Ancestry tree.

“Hello cousin Nancy. You wouldn’t believe the marathon I went through to get to your record. Suffice to say, from Enos Wesley Gossett (erroneous individual) to Ernest Enos Gossett and Winfred Scott Gossett. I’ve been searching records (for three days) to accurately document the families of ‘Enos’ Gossett.”

I trust the reader will allow me to tell of a research sojourn which took days to resolve and (conservatively) two hundred individuals added to my Ancestry database. There are numerous folks with an Ancestry Member Tree who attribute two wifes to Enos Wesley Gossett, and twenty-one children–all within the same Muhlenberg County, Kentucky area. “Is this man a bigomist? Am I the only one to see the overlap?” I’m not content to “copy” from other Member trees; I search for sources. I documented all available information for each child and the child’s spouse (all twenty-one children).

Yes, ultimately I searched for a second man named “Enos Gossett” and found Ernest Enos Gossett. Finally I had the accurate family structures and it led me to Nancy Shank (my fourth-cousin-one-time-removed).

Decades ago a man named J. Arthur Shanks provided valuable information regarding the Shank/Shanks family in Virginia. You can read a portion of the Shank/Shanks Frantz/France information in the publication titled Frantz Families–Kith & Kin, Vol. 1, pp.51-54.  (J. Arthur Shanks’ publication is titled The Shanks Family From Pequea Creek.)

Below is the accurate picture of Enos Wesley Gossett family. (Finally?!)


So why is Enos Wesley Gossett documented with his mother’s maiden name? Here is the comment I added to his record. (Yes, I’ve spent several days researching, and documenting, this man. Extremely confusing information wrestled with and constantly working with relevant information on two computers.)

Inquiring minds want to know: Why is James Franklin Carver listed as the father of Enos Wesley Gossett?? I’ve spent two days documenting everyone associated with Enos Wesley Gossett. I’ve searched James Franklin Carver and find no marriage between James and Enos’s mother Francis “Fannie” Gossett. Some members list a marriage in 1881 but that is the year when James Carver married Malissa Alice Cisney. I’ve checked other Ancestry Member Family Trees for “sources” and none listed (for marriage between James and Fannie). ~~ This researcher surmises Enos was the result of a rape or an affair. Close family members may know “the story” and (in my humble opinion) should clarify the relationship between Enos and James Franklin Carver. ~~ (Lorraine Frantz Edwards, 4 Jul 2020) ~~ ADDITIONS & CORRECTIONS WELCOME ~~


“Detective” is exhausted!! My brain was working night and day on this family. Hopefully, I have everyone correctly identified and I pray other researchers “copy” my tree and not “the other guy.” Because my information is extremely different, it might be ignored?!

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