Mixed message

We rarely remember a dream (right?). Well, last night, I had a vivid dream and it went on-and-on. I was alone in a room. I had a couple of bags but I remember that I was sitting at a table focused on “paperwork.” I was “proofing” or making comparisons in the paperwork. I was waiting for the train. Occasionally, I would walk into the other room to check to see if I missed the train. After an extended period of time, I moved into the lobby and someone asked if they could buy me a cup of coffee. I said, “it’s free.” It was then that I experienced an extremely painful cramp in my right leg. I awakened screaming in pain! “Oh Lord, oh Lord!”

Obviously, I was wide awake and limped into the kitchen for an Aleve. The kitchen and living room were so hot I was forced to turn on the air-conditioner.

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