Postscript to “depression aggression”

As I looked out my kitchen window, I experienced a wave of emotion–and gratitude. Perhaps a year ago, a lady-friend gave me the lovingly-made (just for me) bead display. In Livingston, I was able to position it so it caught sunshine.  No “sunny window” in my Waco trailer home. On Friday morning, I was encouraged to “get out” and go to breakfast with two friends. At first, I protested… but they “twisted my arm.” I felt 1000% invigorated, on Friday, after the outing.

More than six-plus years since I’ve been to an IHOP restaurant. In Waco, I see all the “brand name” restaurants. Eventually, I may patronize the Wendy’s (near the IHOP). During my travelsat Wendy’sI loved to get a baked potato and small chili. FYI: Very few restaurants in Livingstonand I rarely left the RV Park, and Livingston.

P.S.S. Yes, we wore masks to and from…

One comment on “Postscript to “depression aggression”

  1. Deb says:

    French toast; yum!

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