Conundrum & confusion !!

Conundrum and confusion. Recently a blog titled “Insanity reigns.”


(Click each picture to enlarge for better viewing.) I can’t walk away. There are so many errors in Ancestry Member Family Trees. An individual copies the information from another “tree” until two dozen “trees” with faulty information. I speculate that folks lack the motivation to search for details (“sources”). Then they fail to double-check the family and I see where they have the same children listed two and three times. Seriously, I could write a book about “careless cousins.” (Another C & C.) So I see myself as a “janitor” cleaning up messes!!

Regarding those two “pictures”: Three men named Emanuel Cripe in the same vicinity. I had already documented the several families before an “aha moment.” Something wasn’t right!! I back-tracked; I did additional searches for source information. I scribbled names and drew charts. But I needed a “bigger picture.” It took four hours to accurately document the specific individuals and create these “pictures.” I enjoy the challenge but there are projects that need time and attention, also.

P.S. I retract that statement regarding “careless cousins.” More specifically, the name represents a “leaf” on a branch of the tree that the individual knows nothing about. “Cousins” know better!!

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