Amateur detective ?!

Dr. Oz had a fascinating program today (16 Jun 2020) but a “re-run” of an earlier broadcast. Strange as this may sound, this was an affirmation that my detective workon Ancestry.comis worthy of my time and talent. I’ve lost count of the number of people I have helped with their ancestry. Yes, I’m an amateur detective. ~~ It is remarkable how DNA is able to establish the identity of peopledecades later. If not now, maybe in years to come information on a branch of my tree will give an individual a name and a family.

Wishful thinking? I “need” to feel I have contributed to society. “Ancestry” is my family because my children and grandchildren have rejected me. I was “mother” and “father” to three sons. Special remembrance days come and go (“Father’s Day” just around the corner) but no cards or phone calls. I’m grateful for God-my-Heavenly-Father who loves me and provides for my needs. Father God  led me to this RV Park with thoughtful loving residents who are so kind to me.

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