Did I get up on the wrong side of the bed? This morning is not going well. (It doesn’t require a detective to figure that out.) The Banker phoned to say the sale of my 5th-wheel trailer is almost complete. When he mentioned the sale price I was astonished. “No”  that wasn’t the established sale price. I have no choice but to continue with the transaction. True story: The other day a man phoned and offered the full asking price. He said he knows the quality of a Carriage trailer. I thanked him for his interest but told him I’m committed to another buyer.

Morning not going well? I can smell the mold and mildew!! I “know” it is detrimental to my health!! The “inhibitors” (products) don’t seem to be “inhibiting.” What’s the old lady supposed to do?? I have not used the EcoQuest air purifier but plan to move it outdoors (to the porch) and aim it at the kitchen wall. I may still smell the ozone; I may get sick again? I have to make one more attempt… Furthermore, I can’t stand the odor of bleach or I would spray the visible mold. The weather is hot (and humid) and mandates that I use the air-conditioner. If cooler weather, I could have doors and windows open when using bleach.

In the TV news this morning, a story about families forced to move because of mold and mildew in their apartments. Is another move in my future??

Sleepless in Waco. Sick and tired old lady!!


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