Trembling Thursday !!

Limited sleep last night worrying about a trip into Waco today. I had no choice; I needed to go to the Post Office to send a document by overnight mail. I don’t “know” Waco; I didn’t know the location of the Post Office; I checked Google… and programed the address into my Garman GPS. Even with the supposed address, “the old lady” could not find the Post Office. (Panic!!) In a bank parking lot, I asked a young lady for directions. I had driven past the P.O. twice but it was well hidden some distance from the street. OMG!! $26.50 to send the envelope one-hundred-eighty miles overnight. ~~~ Next: H.E.B-Plus where I spent three hours going up-and-down every aisle picking up groceries. ~~~ Furthermore, I deposited the “stimulus check” at my Bank located inside the huge market building. (Choosing that Bank was a deliberate move when I moved to Waco.) ~~~ Shopping was not as terrifying as I anticipated. I was wearing a mask and gloves and all the employees were wearing masks and gloves. 50/50 regarding customers with/without masks. ~~~ At home, I prepared a tuna sandwich and wolfed down corn chips with Dr. Pepper (thanks Deb). Honestly, I’ve craved bread and chips!! (And Dr. Pepper is yum-yum good!!) ~~~ Thanks to my friend, Deb, I was wearing an attractive cloth mask over the white disposable mask.

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