2 comments on “HOT

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Texas is at the top of the heap right now for the … ahhhh, bat-flu: more people hospitalized, new cases reported, fatalities. Hot as it is the best thing you can do is keep doing what you’re doing: stay in stay (relatively) cool, though letting the dry heat get to that mold will hastened its demise. Let a fan blow the dry heat into the cupboard space. Wouldn’t hurt to use a clean spray bottle to spray a little bleach on it. Any other time of year I’d bleach it and run a heater on it for a couple days.

    Amongst my numerous degrees and certifications are FEMA certs as a Wildlands Fire Fighter, and amongst those one is Hazardous Materials Disposal. Did a project about ten years ago clearing a 15 acre piece of land here in town – now a manufactured home sub-division – overgrown with juniper and assorted ladder fuels, fire fuels, underbrush and such but also a haven for the homeless, and several truckloads of everthing from drug needles to old mattresses to … ahhhh, human waste.

    Speaking of Bend, we’ve topped 100,000. No big deal to me but one thing I found funny is there has been a “Hundred Thousand Club”, a club dedicated to pushing the population of this rathole to over 100,000 … since the year I was born. Bozos.

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