“The family that prays together…

…stays together.”  (According to an old saying.) That is obvious with some Old German Baptist Brethren families. Today I was going in circles as I documented the Metzger and Ulrey families. There were two or three more… but I didn’t write them down and then they were lost “in the forest.” Figuratively speaking, I got my exercise today chasing after these individuals.  🙂  True story: I have been working with Hannah Studebaker, and the extended family, for two days. Hannah had three marriages and her husbands had two (or three?) marriages each. (The spouses died and husband or wife remarried.) It was almost impossible to accurately document the children because they kept appearing as the children of the step-parent. “Same name” frustration for this researcher! I create charts so I can visualize the structure of the family tree. I posted these charts with the “cousins” and hope my research is helpful for another (confused?) historian.  ~~~ I’ve been at the computer for fifteen hours!! I was only going to “work at…” while drinking my morning coffee and watching the Today show. (There’s never a stopping point.)


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