Extraordinary kindness !!

“This old lady”  is weeping with happiness!! My “mood” changed in about three minutes when I opened the unexpected package. A dear friend (whom I met during travels in 2010) said (in an email message) she was sending a washable mask.

On my “bucket list,” a visit to the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas. The Coronavirus really put a crimp in my plans to see places of interest in my new hometown. I moved here the end of December 2019. Then we suffered two months of nasty Winter weather (so I stayed home). Nowfor three months“stay home, stay safe”  because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

12-noon update: Here is Deb’s response to my email “thank you.”

Oh good, it got there ok! I looked before and there were only ridiculous options, like a 2 liter bottle for $52. I bought a couple bottles here and was trying to figure out the best way to send them. Postage has gotten so expensive. A small one rate box is almost $20. So I decided to take one more look on Amazon. And I saw those, which were actually reasonable. I thought maybe I could find an easier way since it looks like there’s a Dr. Peoper plant right down the road from you on 84 or whatever that highway number is. Anyway, I’ll put those 2 16 oz bottles in my fridge, and “drink” along with you, lol.

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