New tune in June ??

It is imperative that I get some other things done around home!! But it is so much better to spend time on the computer and ignore everything except computers. I’m depressed!! My 5th-wheel trailer is not selling and I’m told (yesterday) it isn’t worth $4,000.00. The trailer is collateral for a $10,000.00 loan.  I didn’t get a bargain when I bought this trailer. I’m finding all kinds of things that need repair. I’m out of food and I’m “afraid” to go shopping!! I repeat: “New tune in June??”

Yes, one o’clock in the morning as I publish this.

It has been “a better day.”  I’ve accomplished several “overdue” projects. I saw some of my neighbors for the first time in three months. “We” all came out to welcome a new resident (my new across-the-street neighbor).

One comment on “New tune in June ??

  1. Deb says:

    My next door neighbor has been having her groceries delivered. She ordered everything on her computer. Sometimes it comes the same day. I imagine the stores there offer the same service.

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