All over the map ?!

Documentation of my family has taken me from coast-to-coast the past few days. I’m traveling at warp speed!! I’ve been working with families already documented in my database but also added one-thousand more individuals in nine days. I must travel fast because my vision is limited. I must get as much done as possible as soon as possible!

After four PM as I prepare this message and it is a “break” from the documentation. I get so excited when I make a major discovery, I want to share it with the world. Less than an hour ago, I was doing “normal” documentation and asked the question “Who is her mother?”  (A picture is worth a thousand words,)

Information is coming to me so fast I can’t stop to eat, drink, bath, or sleep!! ~~~ Remember the TV series L.A. Law? That’s Jill Eikenberry‘s great-grandmother and my second-cousin-three-times-removed.

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