One narrow track mind !!

I’m obsessive-compulsive; I can’t walk away from the computer. I went to bed at 1:05 this morn and up at 7:30. I’m extremely tired!! The “cousin” continues to send obituary notices and I’m adding all the children, sisters, brothers, inlaws, etc, to my “Frantz family” database. The “cousin” had a lament with a recent email message. “We’re losing all our genealogists.”  Yes, dear “old” folks whom I’ve known, and shared with, are no longer with us. That forces me to work harder to have my information expanded and thoroughly accurate. (Parenthetical: I find so many errors when I compare my information with another Ancestry member information. One person went so far as to add a “screenshot” of a page from my book [Frantz Families–Kith & Kin] but it was the wrong “Anna Frantz.”) To my credit(?), I “know” theses families “by heart.” I recognize the surnames of the family “they” marry into. I know the locations because I visited the area for “old-fashioned” research (years ago). Forgive me for saying this: Fellow folks on Ancestry may just add names of ancestors they know nothing about. The sad thing: “Hints” and sources are available but they “copy” one another and therefore “copy” one another’s errors.

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