This morning, a neighbor stopped by to see if I’m OK. “No, I’m going crazy.”  I confessed that I went three days in my pajamas. I didn’t care whether I brushed my hair or brushed my teeth. “Neighbor” and I had a  wonderful visit–sitting about six feet apart on my porch. At his urging, I dressed appropriately, got my neglected purse and car keys. With fear and trembling, I ventured out for one-hour-fifteen minutes. I drove slowly through a couple of shopping centers trying to decide on a fast-food establishment. The parking lots were full… and people walking to and from the stores. Nobody was wearing a mask!! Taco Bell was my choice and the “woman at the window” was the only person I saw wearing a mask!!  ~~~~ Moments ago (2:20 CDT), Dr. Oz was talking about the “anxiety” many people are experiencing during this pandemic. So rather than saying “going crazy,”  I should say I’m “feeling anxious.”

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