Swimming in Traxlers ?!

“The old lady” just got out of bed and hastens to report a full night’s sleep. However, it seems the night was one long dream about “Traxlers.”  They were “so thick” I could barely move!! This is RIDICULOUS!! During the day, I’m documenting Traxler “cousins” in Ancestry.com; during the night identical behavior.



Remember that I mentioned Ancestry gave me a “free” thirty-day subscription to International records? Coincidently(?) I was documenting the Traxler family and one son moved to Ontario, Canada. I’ve found that Canadian records (Ontario?) are more difficult to verify (imho). Consider the fact that there may be several children named “Robert” or “Mary” or “Rebecca” in 1881 (example), in Kent County, Ontario, Canada. In the published record, the parents are not listed with the child so I don’t know for certain that this child belongs to this family. Conversely, the adults are listed individually so difficult to know for certain that s/he belongs to this spouse and children.

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