Not confused

“The old lady” may be confused about venturing away from home but less confusion about the Myrtle Traxler Family Tree. Remember the children’s story about Hansel and Gretel? (Here’s a modern-age version of the story.) OMG, I didn’t expect to find this interesting “back story” regarding Hansel and Gretel. Here we are in the Coronavirus pandemic and I learn about The Great Famine in 1314-1322. It was my intention to use the illustration (breadcrumbs) to say that Myrtle did not provide “sources” for individuals but she documented their names. As I venture through “the forest,” I find the names of spouses and children. The workload is lighter?! ~~ Now here is a ghoulish thought: Now that the United States is facing a meat shortage, will the parents eat their children? Or (forbid the thought), perhaps eat “the old folks” because we are no longer of value?

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