Thursday Topic Turnaround

Are you tired of Maxine cartoons? Did the jokes put a smile on your face? Isn’t it time for a change-of-pace?

“The old lady”  loves to take trips down memory lane. Here is a link to my activity on 23 Apr 2013.

Rain on our Rally. Flip the calendar pages back one year and here is a link for 2012.

In that same time-frame: You have questions, I have answers.

Here’s a link to T@B Teardrop Trailer Travels with details of my travels in 2010.

As I publish… it is too early to phone my friends in Livingston to see if the tornado affected residents at Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park. The local Waco TV news shows the damage and reports several deaths. ~~~~ Now at 7:05 AM, I see details on NBC Today show.

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