Continuing to pay it forward

It started with a misunderstanding. A “cousin” posted pictures attributed to my immediate family but NOT my family. The name was “Frantz” so I needed to search and identify the individuals. Perhaps one-hundred names added to my Ancestry database. Surprise, surprise, the people are from an entirely different “tree.” The families were living in the same communities with “my” Frantz family. The “given names” were identical to given names in my Frantz family. It was easy for a casual researcher to “assume”… and post inaccurate information. So for several days (quite possibly) one-hundred-plus names added to my Ancestry database. Why? If I get the individuals identified properly, another researcher is less likely to make the same mistake. The immigrant ancestor of this tree is variously identified from Austria, Poland or Russia. With my research and documentation, I am “paying it forward” for other Frantz family researchers. Thirty years ago, people were generously sharing Frantz family information with me.

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