Monday message


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Above the line, a “message” prepared several days ago. Truth be told, I prepared and scheduled eighteen messages in the last few days (no climbing the family tree). I found it challenging–and enjoyable. This Monday morning I planned to tackle the clutter in my home (stuff I brought in from the storage unit). I was watching NBC Today show when “depression” hit me like a ton of bricks. Huddled under my Slanket, relaxing in my easy chair, I started crying. It’s 10:15 AM–three hours after the images of “body bags” in New York City hospitals. (You know the news reports; I don’t have to repeat them.) To “feel better” I searched for clip art to illustrate “a ton of bricks.” Maybe the computer is my only comfort? Maybe I need to shift my attention from “clutter” to “computer”? Time to “climb the family tree”??

One comment on “Monday message

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Turn off the television (always). I’ve been known to shoot them.

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