Weary of my blog messages ??

Here’s a message that could have been published on Wednesday, April 2nd. As events happen, as I take pictures, there is an inclination to share the details. I respect that you are weary of my blog messages. I hadn’t heard the remark when I started the Wednesday afternoon project. “Rain” drove me indoors and I was watching Dr. Phil’s program. At 3:57 PM, he said: “Be creative while in this (Coronavirus) situation.”  I found that comment so reassuring because working with “bottle trees” is being creative!!

I had been “up-to-speed,” I would have purchased organic planter soil for the Garden Tower(s). I could be raising lettuce (and other greens) to satisfy my “green salad” habit. **If** I had known… I would have purchased more groceries at the end of February. ~~ Dear Friend, tell me what you are doing to “be creative.”


5 comments on “Weary of my blog messages ??

  1. Jimmie says:

    I’ve been working on my website, added Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube links to the bottom of the pages. I added a subscribe plugin. I bought a SSL to get the https added to my link so people would know they were coming to a secure site, before the link would read NOT SECURE when you clicked on it…all of this is back end work, no new pictures or post lately. Also set up google analytics so over time, I can see how many visitors I have. I’m working more on video lately and will have a new one in the next week I hope. I’m spending time online, cleaning , and cooking. I’m trying to avoid going to the grocery by eating everything in the cupboard, now there’s a word I haven’t used in a long time! I have a long Jimmie do list that is slowly dwindling down.

    • Thanks for telling me how you are being creative. I will follow your example and spend time organizing files on my (almost) new desktop computer. I am “exercising” restraint by ignoring Ancestry and my family tree. Long-distance hug and wishes to “stay safe” and “be creative.”

  2. Jimmie says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add, I’m scanning old family photos that will eventually be put on rollmeaway.com my website, I forgot to plug that!

  3. Ten Bears says:

    I submitted my first science fiction short-story for publication, about a worldwide pandemic only cigarette smokers survive. No, wait, I did that fifty years ago. Reading, writing, research – the usual. Checking in on people’s blog posts. Telling myself five hundred pushups, two hundred pullups is enough. Battling demons older than my first book.

    ‘Round here the stores are opening to an hour of two of seniors only. While I/we are not WalMart shoppers when you’re mostly vegetarian it doesn’t matter too much where you go. So far the only thing I’ve come up short on (I can make short jokes) is a wheat, potatoe and eggplant chorizo I like. Got a laugh at even the health food store being out of toilet paper, what did people do before!?

    Texas is blowing up right now as the next hot-spot for the new bug, reports are it will be as bad as here there next week, except there’s a whole lot more there there than here. You’re doing fine, just keep doing what you’re doing; the key to this is isolation, somethin’ we’re pretty good at. Stay away from people at least six feet, though as an aerosol twenty-five is the range; and it appears to hang in the air for up to three hours, so it conceivably could be picked up walking through it an hour later. That’s why we are shopping a six, in a freshly cleaned store.

    If you get bored with bottle trees you could make one of those squirrel proof bird feeders 😉

    • So good to hear from you. I hope, and pray, all is well with you and your family. Just a month until your birthday so “Happy Birthday” (in case I die of the Coronavirus before then). I’m “isolating” but I receive U.S. mail and packages from a friend. A neighbor brought groceries. If I “get it” it will arrive via those avenues. While “isolating” I enjoy searching for clipart and jokes to post on my blog. A waste of time (?) but I get a laugh and hope my readers get a laugh, too. ~~ SINCERE THANKS for sharing!!

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