2020 Federal Census & one Waco resident

If I should die from the Coronavirus… I am listed with the 2020 Federal Census. In my later years, I “lived” to document family, and collateral lines, on Ancestry.com. Recently, I posted cartoons and clipart that might bring a smile to the face of my readers. The Federal Census is serious business and should not be ignored (not a joke). I’ve learned names, dates, occupation, etc., while reading about “family” in earlier U.S. Federal Census’ records readily available on Ancestry. ~~ I’ve considered myself unusually healthy for “an old lady” (age 85) but this virus is not a respecter of someone who practiced “holistic health.” I haven’t left this property for more than a month. I seldom have contact with my neighbors. But I’ve received packages and mail. With 20/20 hindsight I recall that my neighbor was not wearing gloves when he used my clippers to trim the top of the dead tree. I wasn’t wearing gloves when I continued with the clippers. ~~ I reorganized the storage unit anticipating I would later return to the project of scanning genealogy, and family photos, and posting them to the Internet. More immediate “must-do” tasks have met with procrastination. I haven’t visited DMV with a change-of-address; I haven’t notified various business’ of my change-of-address.  “Next week, next month,”  I’d to it (DMV, etc.) when not plagued with Winter weather. ~~ Forgive me if this sounds morbid; I unexpectedly got “carried away” with the seriousness of the 2020 Census and the Coronavirus pandemic.



Did you catch my faux pas? After this was published, I re-read and see that the neighbor was wearing gloves. I “proof and proof” but frequently “goof.”


FYI: I returned to my earlier blog hoping to find a message about being documented in the 2010 Federal Census. No reference located. I was living in Shelby, North Carolina. If you are curious, look at the message for March 2010 where I was packing my possessions into a PODS storage unit. Frankly, I have moved too many times in ten years. (Moved too many times since I left Lancaster, California, in November 2004.) ~~ A second blog location has expanded information. ~~ I continued to search and here is my only reference to the 2010 Federal Census. (I enjoy going back to relive those earlier experiences. Travels then, isolation now.) Maybe I wasn’t counted in 2010?

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