Wakeful in Waco

Yes, wakeful in Wako (Waco). Isn’t that a cute alternate for Sleepless in Seattle? I have so many projects, I can’t complain about being bored. But “so many projects” demand mind-time.

No, not an April Fool’s Day joke. “The juggler” sends very best wishes to readers of this humorous (silly?) blog message. Stay safe!!

One comment on “Wakeful in Waco

  1. Jimmie says:

    Maybe you should try meditation, the kind where you sit quietly and try to still your mind and breath deeply. I think your mind could use a break from all that thinking! Go outside when the weather is nice, sit on a blanket in the grass, close your eyes and listen to the birds, breath, and still your mind. YOU’RE THINKING, I KNOW IT! Now stop thinking, breath and let your mind go quiet….breath….

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