Life in the slow lane ?!

Why is it taking so long (you ask)? “Images” is the answer. The last time I checked the monitor, image number 4235 was being downloaded. Those are my pictures in Picasa. There were/are pictures (images) in the blog messages, too. Quite honestly, I’m not going anywhere. There is a mandatory quarantine for residents of McClellan County (Waco), Texas.



Did you catch my error? I had already prepared the blog message about “three-quarters and counting”–on the 23rd. All I needed to do was take a picture (with the camera) and place the image in the (prepared) blog message. The time and date (on the picture) are the 24th but the 23rd appears on the “print screen” image. “The old lady”  was a “proofreader” for many years. She tries to publish error-free messages. This error crept into the message because “the old lady”  was tired and sleepy at two o’clock this morning!!

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