Depression magnification ?

“The old lady”  is depressed! A magnifying glass is needed if I want to read something, and needed for many steps related to blog preparation. Also, I must depend upon a magnifying glass for most endeavors on I was scheduled for cataract surgery (in January) while I was still living in Livingston. With my move to Waco, rapidly disappearing vision and don’t know where to go for treatment. (I hate the traffic here.) Yes, I know about using the keys “control plus +-sign” to enlarge the image on the screen but then a portion of the message disappears on the right side of the screen. (I love, love, love the large screen with the new Dell desktop computer.)

I suspect every individual in the world is depressed. Every news report on television is overloaded with details about the Coronavirus pandemic.

It won’t be long until the three-month anniversary in my new home in Waco. I am so frustrated because I can’t find half the things I want or need. With “isolation” I question when I’ll have a helper to rearrange the storage unit. I wish I could put my hands on my defuser and essential oils. When I go shopping(?) I will buy a new defuser and essential oils so I can enjoy the pleasant scent. (My new home smells like “pee” and that elevates my depression. An odor I inherited with my purchase.)

There are so many tasks on my “to do” list and nothing is getting done. I come to the computer for comfort; I “climb the family tree” because it takes my mind off all the things that beg for attention. I search “clip art” for “just the right image.”

The “download” from Carbonite (cloud) to my new desktop computer is at twenty-one percent: Nineteen point three (19.3) gigabytes download of ninety point five gigabytes (90.5).

Just a comment for the reader of this blog message: This is my “journal” and this is the way I’m feeling at 9:30 on a Saturday morning. Two weeks ago, at this time, twenty-plus residents were enjoying breakfast in the Activity Center. Breakfast has been canceled.

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