Showers of blessings !!

I’m starting this message at three o’clock–after a one-hour conversation with a man I’ve labeled “Saint Chad.”  Earlier today I received an email “alert” that my Carbonite subscription had expired. (Expired today.) I was requested to call a certain phone number to renew. I am so extremely appreciative of Chad’s “customer service.” (I’ve encountered such nasty people [lately] with DISH TV and Hughes Internet.) Because my Carbonite subscription had expired, it had to be reinstalled. During our conversation, I commented that I have a new Dell desktop computer that will eventually have Carbonite. Chad guided me through several steps and “we” transferred the files from the old laptop. (I procrastinated moving the files via Laplink because I am still intimidated by Windows-10.)

I’m preparing this blog message on the old Asus laptop computer while watching “Carbonite Restore Manager” on the monitor for the desktop computer. Obviously, it will take hours for the download from the cloud to my computer because still at 0% (after half-an-hour).

“Showers of blessing”  because this experience was made in Heaven! Let me recount the details: 1) I went to bed about 9:00 last night; 2) suddenly got up because I had the thought to charge my cell phone. (Remember the problems I’ve been having because my “old” flip-phone doesn’t hold a charge very long? Today, communication with Chad would have been cut short.) 3) Carbonite was not automatically renewed so I enjoyed the thoughtful considerate assistance of a “technician” who didn’t transfer my call to another department. He facilitated the renewal. (Still at 0% after forty-five minutes and “yes” there is a massive amount of information.)  4) What a joy to see hundreds of pictures scroll by on “Carbonite Restore Manager.” 5) “This old lady”  treated with respect by “Saint Chad.”

Four PM as I publish this post and 0% transferred. It’s “working” and I’m patient.

One comment on “Showers of blessings !!

  1. Becky Tracy says:

    Hope he is legitimate and you didn’t give him your credit card number. I got my identity stolen by a foreigner named “Jack”.

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