When the sun came out…

…Lorraine went out!!

It’s 10:10 and the bird feeders are full (and I’m out of seed until my next shopping trip), Hummingbird nectar was prepared (this morning) and Hummingbird feeder filled and hung in a conspicuous location. (No picture [yet].) The Internet was consulted for the Hummingbird migration map. Apparently, no Hummingbirds sited in Texas (yet) but I am ready for them. At a later date, I’ll hang additional Hummingbird feeders.

One more frustration: “Where’s it?” Every day I am questioning where an item is located. This morning, I looked for the glass half-gallon container used to store the extra Hummingbird nectar. It wasn’t located inside my new home so I checked the storage unit. That is a disaster waiting for time and attention. But not today!! I closed the door and walked away. I need a strong man to lift–and shift–the boxes!!

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