A miracle ?

“The old lady” enjoyed twelve hours of sleep!! Remarkable!! The clock in the corner of the TV picture, on the Today show, said “8:15.” That was twelve hours after going to bed. Honestly, “the old lady” cannot remember an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Usually, one or two trips (each night) to the bathroom–and hours awake.

Now, with my mug of coffee, I’ll approach neglected projects indoors. It is a dark cloudy morning; rain is dripping off the edge of the roof.

Changing the subject radically: A neighbor interrupted the preparation of this message because he wants details about emergency supplies. He is in a panic-mode about running out of food during the Coronavirus crisis. Yesterday evening, he shopped… and spent more than $300.00 at a local grocery store. At 7:00, this morning, he was back at that store for more groceries (and rejected telling me how much he spent). Now he is headed to Sam’s Club and will be there when it opens at 10:00. ~~ I gave him the website address for My Patriot Supply and he plans to order from them. (I have a three month supply from My Patriot Supply [ordered several years ago] but the boxes are buried in the jam-packed, disorganized storage unit.) ~~~~ Personally, I haven’t been concerned. Should I? ~~~~ Are you concerned?? Share your thoughts?


It’s almost eleven o’clock and I’m back after an hour-long phone conversation with a friend in Livingston (she called me). OMG!! She was an encyclopedia of information about events in my former-home RV Park. I asked her about her concern about the Coronavirus. I find that I am an ostrich with my head in the sand. “Friend” has much more information because she watches and listens to better(?) news sources.

One comment on “A miracle ?

  1. Monya says:

    Glad you had a good night’s sleep.
    Best advice about precautionary measures I’ve heard is to wash your hands a lot (at least 20 seconds at a time) and avoid touching your face. This is good to do all the time, actually.
    Hugs and love,

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