Aggravation !!

In my new home, in Waco, a couple of months ago, I was “shopping” the Amazon website–and was given a “free” trial for Prime. This morning I suddenly remembered I need to cancel the “free” membership (before March 9th). Well “they” make it virtually impossible to cancel. I’m computer and Internet literate but it took more than half-an-hour to eventually find the required location. “They” wouldn’t just cancel, “they” offered half a dozen incentives to encourage me to stay–but I finally canceled.

Personally, I long for a simpler life. When I phoned because I had problems with my new WiFi and TV reception, I had to go through an automated system. When I needed to activate my new ATM card for my new Bank account, I had to go through an automated system twice. I’m still baffled by features of Windows-10.  ~~ My cell phone isn’t holding a charge and I don’t know where to go for a new battery. I don’t know shopping areas in Waco–and the traffic is terrible on major routes. True story: I did not drive my KIA during the month of February!!

Let me carry my aggravation one step further. I bought a new television set which is larger than I need (but “small” TVs not available?). The speakers are on the back of the thin TV set and difficult to clearly hear conversations. Fortunately, I have a “sound bar” (from Livingston) but it has been almost impossible to set up as an extension speaker.

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