Journal entry ?!

This is my journal, as I frequently comment. This is a bad day!! My cell phone doesn’t hold a charge long enough for a phone call. I have a monster headache; I can’t stop crying! I’ve spent half the day in bed with a cold washrag on my forehead. I should eat but I haven’t the desire to prepare food. The birds are flocking to the feeders–of soaking wet seed. The front porch carpet is soaking wet and “squishy” to walk on! I don’t want “company” to track footprints from outdoors to indoors. I’m ignoring “company.” ~~ Honestly, I am overwhelmed with projects requiring attention!!

2 comments on “Journal entry ?!

  1. Jimmie says:

    Hang in there Lorraine! Tomorrow is a new day. The sun will eventually shine. Get a chair , go outside, sit back and let gods warmth heal your body.

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