Good news, bad news

On Monday, a propane company filled the 110-gallon tank. On Friday, plumbers were here and searched high and low for the propane leak. They were in my trailer home and under my trailer home but leak not located. An hour into the search (Friday) one of the two plumbers asked: “Is your dryer gas?”  After my reply: “I don’t know”  he looked at the dryer and immediately found the leak!! That’s the good news. Bad new (1) lots of expense and (2) I still smell propane. I have been suffering from monster headaches!! (I rarely have a headache.) ~~ My only accomplishment of late (Sunday), a trip to Smart Clips for an overdue haircut, and H.E.B.-Plus for groceries and much miscellaneous. OMG: $235.00!!

FYI: The weather is unpleasant (for the next several days) so I won’t be working in the yard. I’d like to have the door open to air out my trailer home but not warm enough.

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