Surprise, surprise !!

Amazing?! I walked away from the computer and got a lot done this afternoon and evening. Why? Because I found my “round tuit.” Seriously, I have a “round tuit” (and I found it). It is light brown color leather, about the size of a quarter. Among other things, this evening I unpacked my jewelry and put it in a convenient location. So far, I haven’t left my new home very often but I suspect I’ll “go” more often when the weather improves. Furthermore, I’m attending activities here at the RV Park and going to Church. I plan to wear “dressy” dresses and jewelry. Some of my wardrobe hasn’t been worn for many years. Why? Because I spent most of my time in “grubby” clothes working in the yard. Or “grubby” clothes sitting at the computer!! I was essentially a hermit when I lived in Livingston and that is not going to happen here.

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