Good guys & bad guys in my tree

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms is a favorite hymn and I was glad to learn that the music was written by a “cousin.” I have some men in my tree who have a “checkered past.” A name that the reader will quickly recognize is H.R. Haldeman. He was a prominent figure in the Watergate scandal. Here is a link to “H.R.” in my Ancestry database. You can find lots of information with a Google search. “H.R.” is my fifth-cousin-one=time-removed.

Another name the reader will recognize, Stephen Paddock. He is the evil man who killed so many people in the Las Vegas massacre. Stephen is my eighth cousin.

Those two are “up” my mother’s side of my tree. A third individual can be added to that list: Colonel William Gaston Coffin, former Secretary of Indian Affairs to President Lincoln. The newspaper obituary makes him sound like a saint. A Google search did not provide the information I was looking for; I must have read the details in literature regarding the Coffin family. I found this article on my website titled Digitized Library of Family History. The article is well-written (imho) but I heard (read) that supplies were deliberately withheld, and sold, and the money went into the pocket of William Coffin, and others. William is my first-cousin-four-times-removed.

On a more positive note: Levi Coffin, was considered the President of the Underground Railroad.” During February–during “Black History Month”–it is comforting to remember that one of my ancestors was instrumental in saving so many lives. Levi Coffin and William Gaston Coffin were cousins who walked different paths. Levi is my fifth-great-uncle.

I have missionaries and ministers in my tree who will never be recognized with articles published on the Internet. It is my desire to recognize my family–and extended family–in my Ancestry database. Find the information at Lorraine Frantz Family Tree.





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