Can’t tear myself away from the computer ?!

When I started to update my information regarding Anthony Johnson Showalter (1858-1924), I never dreamed I’d be documenting information for twenty hours (and counting). There were numerous errors I needed to correct with his ancestry plus numerous errors with my documentation back to his family. “Showalter” is my mother’s maiden name and I began my research (about 1987) with the Showalter family. That family was so well documented I started looking for my maiden name “Frantz.” No information available so I appointed myself the Frantz family researcher and historian. Consequently, my Showalter information lacked all the valuable information available on It’s 1:30 PM as I start typing this message and I’ve been “at it”(research) since 4:30 AM. Yesterday, I spent the entire day on the A.J.S. update. He is my fourth-cousin-three-times-removed.

I don’t limit my searches to Ancestry; I searched the Internet for additional information. I found interesting articles and I share them with the reader.

Anthony Johnson Showalter Find A Grave information

Berean Bible Heritage Church History

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

Hymns and Music

Free sheet music



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