Nasty weather

“Sheets” of rain were running off the roof. Seriously, a solid wall of water! Add lightning and thunder and that’s the explanation for a poor night’s sleep. I have several items that may be full of water–items that should have been “under cover.” I just didn’t get “a round tuit.” Procrastination? I think not. There are just so many things I need to do and I spend too much time with Ancestry and computers. OK, I admit to “procrastination.” I should have brought the space heater into my new trailer home. When it’s cold outdoors, I’m cold indoors. I don’t want to elevate the temperature and heat the whole trailer (using propane). Earlier this morning, I was wrapped in my Slanket, in my comfortable chair, watching Today. ~~ At this moment (8:25), it is forty-three degrees outdoors and sixty-five degrees indoors; the indoor-outdoor thermometer says ninety-nine percent rain.

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