My head is spinning !!!!

I have three computers “on” at this moment (3:30 PM). Hopefully, I will enjoy a successful download of Windows-10 on the new desktop computer. The oldest laptop computer is poised to download LapLink software. (I won’t try two downloads on my WiFi at the same time.) Laplink will need to be downloaded onto the new computer, too, prior to my transfer of programs, and files, from the old laptop. Pray with me that all this maneuvering will happen successfully. I’m writing this on the “newer” laptop and I’m so grateful for its availability. (Typing this while [eagle-eye] watching the other two computers.) I have needed to search the Internet for information about (1) setup of the new desktop computer (because no instructions), (2) information about Windows-10, (3) information about LapLink. Perhaps a couple other steps that I’ve forgotten (?) because “my head is spinning”  with computer details. Believe me, if all this happens without a glitch, it will be a miracle.

Update at 5:00: I watched the Windows-10 download for one-hour-thirty-five minutes. However, after all that time NO WINDOWS-10.

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