Complicated life ?!

Question: Do I complicate my life?

Yesterday, I had to contact the company because I didn’t receive a keyboard with my new computer purchase “bundle.” This morning I began the process of setting up the monitors with the CPU. No instruction sheet came with the items!! However, I’ve been working with computers since 1987 and I’m reasonably familiar with “set up.” I went to the Internet for assistance and learned about the “splitter” that is required when using two monitors. Another phone call to the company and a conversation with (imho) a customer service person who knows less than me. So she will send out a splitter.

My voice doesn’t carry very far but I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. Don’t buy a computer–online–from Walmart because you may end up with an inferior product and communicate with individuals with an accent, who are difficult to understand.

I will be forced to learn a new Windows operating system and a new photo program. I’ve used Picasa for years but it is no longer supported by Microsoft. My Canon camera and Picasa are not communicating!! ~~ As I said in the earlier message: “Perhaps the mental gymnastics will keep me young?”

Are you curious about how I got the snow picture from the Canon to the blog message? I took the SD card out of the Canon and hoped my “old” laptop would “read” it and upload the pictures to Picasa. No, the old computer couldn’t read the SD card. Gratefully, the newer laptop read the SD card and displayed the pictures. Not certain what to do with them, I agreed with “their” suggestion to save to Windows Photos. But I couldn’t find a way to crop, or add text, or add an image to my blog. I sent that one picture to a folder and was able to retrieve it for my blog. Pray with me that I can find a simple way to preserve my pictures and display them on my blog.

My “old” laptop has been “old faithful.” It has processed thousands of pictures and hundreds of blog messages. I acknowledge that it is worn-out and due for retirement. The “new” desktop computer will (hopefully) assume the job and give me years of good service.

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