Would if I could but I can’t !!

I’d like to do a blog titled “Back in the saddle again.” I’d refer to Gene Autry singing that song decades ago. Why “Back in the saddle again”? Because I purchased black oil sunflower seeds yesterday and filled two bird feeders today. Lorraine was “back in the garden again.”

I moved most of the clutter from the carport and hid it behind the storage unit. Sorry, no new pictures but this is the way it has looked for more than one month. This picture of the clutter taken at the first of January.

I considered a blog message with the title “Tuckered out” with a picture of my rocking lawn chair on the porch and you could imagine “the old lady” resting for a few minutes. Tomorrow promises to be another beautiful day and I’ll approach a few more outdoor projects. Too “tuckered out” to do more this afternoon.

Oh yes, must tell the reader that two Cardinals have been visiting my yard. You would think I was a kid at Christmas because I got so excited when I saw the pair in my front yard. Obviously, I had to purchase seed and search “the clutter” for the bird feeders!!


“Would if I could but I can’t”  refers to pictures of my activities.

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