Better business ??

I’ve come to the conclusion that Wayfair  needs “better business.” Several weeks ago, I ordered a TV stand and a folding table from Wayfair. The TV stand arrived promptly but there was a delay for the table. Wayfair  has harassed me for ten days requesting confirmations that the table could/would be delivered on Friday, Jan. 24th, between ten and two o’clock. I can’t “confirm” on my “dumb phone.” I called… and told the customer service representative that I would be home; I was confirming! Email messages and phone text messages came several times every day. At two o’clock (today) a text message arrived saying my order was complete. That message forced me to phone Wayfair  and complain about “no table.” Enough said (?) because the delivery finally arrived (about four). ~~ Now I’m experiencing a problem with the pictures. Strangely, I can only attach the pictures in the “thumbnail” size. Click each picture to enlarge for better viewing.

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