Lament !!

The whole wide world knows I’m addicted to family history?! When I receive a request for information, I stop everything else and start researching.

“Cousin,” I’ve tracked your maternal side and there doesn’t appear to be anyone who matches my well-documented ancestry. I conclude that our DNA “second or third cousin” relationship must come through your father. If you do not have his name, we have hit a brick wall. The only way you ***might*** eventually learn who he is is by connecting with “cousins” named in your Ancestry DNA list. It will require lots of gathering names into your Ancestry database. Quite often–like you–those “cousins” won’t have an established “family tree.” They might ignore your request. If you want answers—for your children—then you will have to be persistent. I’ll extend my research of your family a little further but conclude our connection is through your father. I furthermore conclude, his name is not on your birth certificate. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Very best wishes from “cousin” Lorraine.

I’ve spent two days on this project and do not know where to go with further searches. I regret (lament) that I wasn’t more help.

I’m still searching but I believe I am on the right path. It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon and I should be “doing” some outdoor projects. However, I can’t walk away when I am so close to a solution.

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