Right or wrong ?

Not quite ten o’clock and I just ordered an air-mattress. This morning, I read numerous web sites with pros and cons regarding air-mattresses and concluded “pro.”  Sounds very positive to me and I have enjoyed a positive experience for fifteen nights. Time to return the queen-size mattress to my across-the-street-neighbor. (With the major expense of a “new” home, I can’t afford a “conventional” mattress!!)

When I lived (for six years) in my fifth-wheel trailer, I didn’t “need” furniture. My new home is spacious but lacking the things we find “built-in” a recreation vehicle (RV). A large table will be delivered any day (from Wayfair) so I’ll be able to set up my scanner and two laptop computers. I anticipate “more genealogy” and “less gardening.” (I still have many boxes of genealogy to scan and upload to Digitized Library of Family History. Perhaps updates to Frantz Families–Kith & Kin?)


Isn’t that cute clipart? “Greater than” and “less than” equals more genealogy and less gardening.   🙂

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