Must do ?!

BIG afternoon: Terrifying traffic to and from Walmart.

After several dark gloomy rainy days, we had sunshine about 1:30 PM. I had no excuse; I had to go to Walmart for eyeglasses repair. After repair… I shopped the enormous store (maybe the largest Walmart I’ve visited?). I checked the prices of things I may purchase in the near future.

Question: Do I want to buy my own air mattress? I’m enjoying the air mattress borrowed from a new neighbor.  Is it possible the air mattress contributes to my good night’s sleep? An air mattress is considerably less expensive than a conventional mattress!! Decisions, decisions!!

A “cold front” is coming and we’ll have about ten days of unpleasant weather. Now I have enough groceries to meet my needs. No further immediate need to drive eight miles, round-trip, to shop Walmart.

Now I will return to documenting the family of a new acquaintance cousin. As mentioned frequently: I love the challenge “climbing the family tree.”

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