God is very, very good !!!

My Heavenly Father protected me on a frightening trip!! Earlier today, I searched for a Best Buy in Waco and transferred the address to my Garmin GPS. A “white knuckle” trip going and coming!! My Garmin is almost ten years old and extremely slow with verbal directions. Traffic was heavy!! Wow, Best Buy is in a shopping center with several dozen stores. For the first time in more than six years, I was seeing Bed, Bath & Beyond, Marshalls, World Market, Office Depot, and dozens of clothing stores. I really thought I’d died and gone to Heaven when I found a Panera. I LOVE PANERA!! I enjoyed their wonderful baked potato soup and baguette. I browsed half-a-dozen stores and made a couple of small purchases before returning to Best Buy for the purchase of a television set. Frankly, I need a TV before I contact DISH for installation. This “old” Park model trailer has a very small area designated for a TV set. I expect modification will be needed to get a TV set “set up.” ~~ I considered an “over the air” antenna but the salesman discouraged me saying I wouldn’t get very good reception from Dallas. I had the impression the salesman didn’t want to bother with “this old lady” and her questions. I’ll do some Internet searches because (for four years) I had adequate reception from Houston to Livingston (eighty-five or ninety miles). Dallas is much closer?! Here is an Internet search for the distance between Waco and Dallas:

Distance from Waco, TX to Dallas, TX – Travelmath The total driving distance from Waco, TX to Dallas, TX is 97 miles. The total straight line flight distance from Waco, TX to Dallas, TX is 87 miles.

I’ll check Channel Master TV antennas (for the first time in six years). I’ll search Google for the best way to “set up” the TV in the small space. I had my own idea about “mounting” but the Best Buy salesman didn’t agree with my plan. C’est la vie.

Pictures (dozens of pictures) at a later date.

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