En route to Waco…

…with the first load of possessions.

Miraculously, this move developed rapidly. A new acquaintance (friend?) is towing my cargo trailer full of cherished items. There are boxes full of genealogy that await scanning and upload to Digitized Library of Family History. I still own two trunks that belonged to my maternal grandfather (one trunk older than this old lady). There are many old-fashioned hard-side suitcases full of picture albums. This sentimental old lady has paid to have things moved from Lancaster, California, to Brookville, Ohio. Later: to Shelby, North Carolina, and Waxhaw, North Carolina. Six years ago, the move from Waxhaw to Livingston, Texas. My New Year’s resolution: “Scan, and discard; D-O-W-N-S-I-Z-E.”  Two loads (two trips) of belongings (to Waco) because this old lady puts a value on garden paraphernalia (items she couldn’t sell–or give away–at yard sales and moving sale).

(This blog prepared on Sunday [15th] and scheduled for Monday 16th.)

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