Too much stuff ????

This morning I went on an unexpected journey. No, I didn’t leave home; I was exploring hidden treasures in my trailer home. I was dressed and ready to go “if and when”  I received a call from an RV Park resident needing a ride to her doctor. I have a favorite necklace that I usually wear with my attractive black pullover sweater. Several weeks ago, I broke the chain. Today I began searching jewelry boxes and crafts-items boxes looking for a very small “O”-ring.  OMG, I found jewelry items I’d totally forgotten. (The last several years I’ve worn very little jewelry.) But I found a small “O”-ring and managed to reconnect the chain. It is slightly different than original but I doubt anyone will notice. Now I’m excited about occasionally wearing a long-ignored pair of earrings or forgotten necklaces. In one picture, see the several containers with jewelry and crafts items. See the necklace* and I challenge you to find the repair (lol).

*No, that isn’t the “black sweater.” That’s the cover on the back of my easy chair.

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