Digression from obsession ?

No “tree climbing”; no “yardening” (obsessions)!! A delicate plant (Purple Shamrock) needed to be protected from the cold temperature so moved and covered. “Stuff” needed to be moved so the KIA can again gain access to the carport. A large bag of trash was hauled to the dumpster. Continued into Livingston and stopped at Walmart for another can of spray paint. Then to the Health Food Store where I donated two boxes of “health” cook books. While there, I had an iridology (checked my eyes for signs of possible health problems).

So many things–this morning–were “impulse.”

The KIA turned into the new Discount Tire for air in the tires. Then, spontaneously, an appointment to have the tires rotated.

The KIA was headed for Subway but turned into Church’s Chicken. After being closed for three years, Church’s reopened yesterday or today. Not my usual choice of food but today was all about “change.”

What does the future hold? A myriad of changes?? Yes, my move is on the horizon but today’s trip into Livingston included a stop at the Bank to pay for another month’s rent.

It’s two-twenty-five PM and I’m still wearing a sweater. When I drove into Livingston, I was wearing a sweater, a coat, and a stocking cap–and was COLD.

It’s kind of “spooky” when I think about how abnormal this day is.

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