Reminiscing comes easy for this old lady.

There have been awesome experiences in my life (random order): (1) Living and traveling in Europe; (2) traveling in the United States with a variety of “recreation vehicles”; (3) wife, and mother; (4) interesting employment experiences. The list is endless and those identified (above) are (repeat) random order. (Being an “RVer” prompted me to list travel experiences first.) “Bad” memories, too: A horrible accident in May 2003 when my tow vehicle and travel trailer were totally destroyed. Praise God, I walked away from the accident!!

“Bad memories” include October 2017. Friday the 13th identifies the day a terrible meal was served to the CARE Center residents. Sunday, October 15th (two years ago today), I passed a clipboard and solicited signatures voicing our displeasure with unhealthy meals.

Followers of my blog know that I review days and dates. Today I reference the “bad memory” and direct the reader to the website I created with details about the meal, the clipboard, and the eviction from the CARE Center.


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