2 comments on “What, when, where, why ??

  1. Deb says:

    I hope those aren’t fire ant bites. They get pustules and itch like the devil. I hate those. It might be worth considering popping a couple of tiny Benadryl pills before you go to bed, so you can get some rest. Calamine lotion might help. Cold compresses or oatmeal baths are suppose to help. If you catch fire ant bites immediately, you can dab on diluted ammonia or bleach that will help counteract the crap those little so and so’s inject into you. Resist the urge to scratch and rip them off your skin, to ward off infection. If they get bad enough, it would help to apply an insect bite remedy with benzocaine. Good luck.

  2. Jimmie says:

    Time to put on some bug repellent if you are going to work outside. If it’s some kind of mite or chigger, that is suppose to keep them at bay. You would have felt fire ants crawling up your leg and biting/stinging, so probable not that.

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