Escalating numbers #3

“Yours truly”  did not plan to continue expanding the family of one family, one “cousin.”  (Best laid plans….) ‘Twas important to “tie up loose ends.” There never seems to be a stopping point!!

Four AM and I’m back! Couldn’t sleep; kept thinking about that specific family. Thinking: “I should have told the reader that five to fifteen ‘source records’ accompany each of the fifty-two (and/or one-hundred fifty-two recently documented individuals).”  Source records are carefully studied  before “saved.” (I’ve likened myself to a surgeon delicately approaching each step with precision.) One-hundred fifty-two individuals in two days–and multiple “source records”–because of one cousin?!

(Yes, I originally published this on Sunday evening September 15th. Re-publishing it after adding more information.)

Here’s the story: An ordinary “source record” revealed the cousin had been incarcerated (eight years) in San Quentin Prison, in California. I looked at the original record (“copy” right there on Ancestry) and noted the code numbers for the felony. I did several Google searches attempting to identify the crime. Long story, bottom line: My “cousin” from a straight-laced Old German Baptist Brethren family wasn’t living a “straight-laced” life. Hence the search for additional “sources” for him plus record searches regarding his two wives and eight children. “Inquiring minds want to know.”

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