Never give up, never give up !!

5:25 AM as I start this message. I’ve been on the computer since 2:07 AM. I could not get this couple out of my mind. I’d thoroughly searched, yesterday (with no results), but I had the driving desire to find sources.  This morning, I abandoned Ancestry and turned to the LDS Family Search for information. (Click the images to enlarge for better viewing.)

P.S. For the reader who can’t read my mind (lol), these are four “screen capture” that I “captured,” and “cropped.” These were added to the individuals in my Ancestry database. “Yours truly”  is the first person (of forty-nine “trees”) to document this union. (Maybe this compensates for my faux pas with Clarence’s father, Daniel Webster Grisso?)

One comment on “Never give up, never give up !!

  1. Roberta Cowley says:

    Hey Lorraine! Popping in to say Hello!
    I usually bop between Ancestry, Family Search and MyHeritage. Different sites have led me to different people. What I really need is a software to gather everything together! It can be so overwhelming at times. Take care! Ro

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